Things can only get better


This is what I wrote  a few days ago:

“‘The last few days have been different for me.

Usually I think I’m a ”glass half full” kind-of-person, but the last few days I’ve felt that it’s been more empty. Just seems that no matter how much I try my outlook has been a bleak one. The initial novelty of moving to a new place is wearing off, and I’m finding myself struggling, from one bad moment to another.

I honestly thought that I would be able to cope much better than I have…hey my mum and dad managed to raise my sister and I without help from family!

I was thankful for a chat with my sister-in-law the other night…she encouraged me to find the joy and do a few things for myself. She’s also a muso, and knows how frustrating it can be when that something that you practically live and breathe is not happening for whatever reason.”

I’m glad to say that I feel like I’m feeling more like a “glass half full” person again. My Wonderful Husband has been so patient with me, not to mention the kids. I’ve also appreciated the input of friends both old and new , including Cath aka SquiggleMum and Kelly at Be A Fun Mum. I hope I get to meet Kelly one day.

A big difference has been prioritising things in a better way. For me this includes:

– enough sleep

– enough fun time with each member of my family

– being able to listen to or play music that suits my mood

– hanging out with another mum at least every other day, even if it’s just for a few minutes

– having some things to look forward to (I can’t wait to see Sting with my husband next week!)

– remembering that God is roaming with me, wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, however I’m feeling.

So, as Howard Jones sang in the 80’s  (yes, I am a child of the 80’s :))


What helps you to keep your glass  full?

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  1. Alice, I love your openness and honesty on your blog 🙂 for me, keeping my glass full is sometimes just focusing on the little things that make life a little bit sweeter. That’s my reason behind my 365 project – because now, looking back over my posts every day, the things that I photographed are the things that I remember about each day. For example, I don’t remember the chores we did in the morning, the stifling heat in the afternoon – I remember the fresh strawberry smoothie and delicious grilled home-grown tomato & cheese sandwiches that we had for lunch that day. I feel like I’ve had a lot more joy in me since starting the project and realising that my life isn’t condensed to a crappy 9-5 🙂

    • Thanks Klara. Actually, seeing your photos and those of another friend has inspired me to take more photos! I find it hard to find the time to upload them. Perhaps I should aim for a photo a week.

  2. Hi Lovely. You have been the one to encourage ME over this last little bit. Thank you. It’s tough being in a new place without family. It really is. And it takes some time to settle {sigh}. Your list is fabulous. And don’t rush yourself to “cope”. Not trying to be too depressing here but it usually takes me 6 months in a new place to feel somewhat settled. Knowing where the post office is and the best place to shop etc. And then there’s meeting new people, getting involved and the like. I’m praying for you now. xx

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