Dialogue Detectives: In the burbs


The leaves in the backyard are whispering, and it’s a bright sunny day. Neighbours busy in their backyards. Surely this is the perfect opportunity to be a Dialogue Detective, as suggested by Gill for this week’s Writing on Wednesday task?

A rubbish truck comes past…segue to the sound of rushing water hitting to the base of what sounds like a big green wheelie bin.

Clang, bash…the squeaking of brakes at regular intervals. SQUAWK!

There’s some mumbling in the distance. Interesting, this peace and quiet of the burbs, while Miss Chatty sings along with The Wiggles.

“Do you want me to bring this inside?” is muttered behind me. No response, and the sound of obsessive washing and cleaning of a deep vessel (rubbish bin?) continues.

“How about that one, you know if you just cut it off?” Shortly after the sound of some leaves rustling, and the thud of a branch falling to the ground.

“You want me to cut it down really low, ay?”  is followed by the sound of rustling leaves. The voices fade into the background, and I strain to hear how the conversation continues.


I guess I’ll have to call it a day.


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  1. This counts! I think the exercise is just good for learning to look for writing ideas in the world around us. We can find characters, dialogue and inspiration everywhere. I really like the idea of listening for conversation in the burbs. I bet there is plenty going on behind closed doors (or backyard gates!). Thanks for joining in again! Great to see you back. Gill xo

    • Thanks Gill! I guess if my hearing was better, and the other sides weren’t in the mix I would have been able to follow the conversation. Really enjoying stretching my writing muscles amongst such company 🙂 xx

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