My first movie date with Lego Boy


Almost four years ago a very excited four-year-old and I went on our first movie date, and guess what the movie was?


I remember the day well. We both came out of the cinema with big smiles on our faces to greet Oma (my mum) and his (then) 4-month-old sister, Princess. Lego Boy was over-the-moon,  having watched his first movie on the big screen! What a bonus that it also happened to be about something that was, and remains dear to his heart…vehicles. Hey, “car” was one of the first words that he ever spoke! I loved the movie because of the message it was communicating to me…to take hold of where I’m at as I journey through life, much like Be A Fun Mum’s “Love the Moment challenge“.

How excited do you think we are about seeing the Cars 2 movie? Have a sneak peak…

A few months after we saw Cars, Lego Boy received the dvd  for Christmas, and played it almost daily, to the point of sprouting out bits of dialogue at various points of the day.

We love the music from the movie, and the cd gets played regularly when we’re roaming around in the car. With the dvd having been played over and over and in serious need of replacing, we were also very thankful that he received the Cars dvd again for a subsequent birthday.

So, thanks to the lovely people at nuffnang, you can get some tickets for your family by writing a blogpost, though you’d better get your engines seriously revved up, because you have until 5pm AEDST today!

Here’s what you need to do…

a) Write a blog post to create awareness of the upcoming flick, Disney/Pixar Cars 2
b) Include the Disney/Pixar Cars 2 trailer so your readers can score a sneak peak as to just how awesome this movie is!
c) Once your blog post is live, leave a link to it in a comment on this very blog post and email your full name and postal details to and we’ll have a pass out to you in the mail.

Competition is open to Australian residents who are able to attend screenings within Australia.

Entries  close on 17/6/11 at 5pm.

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more details!

Now if you don’t believe me, race on over to this blogpost.

You can cruise along to see the Cars 2 movie in cinemas from June 23rd 🙂


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