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Sunday Session – Dance


Well, as I shared in Getting my groove back, I’m wanting to rediscover some old sounds and discover some new ones. Thanks to the inspiring Michelle Dennis Evans, I found that her sister Thea (who asks Do I really wanna blog?) has pretty much the same plans, so I thought I’d play along with her and meet some new online friends 🙂

After checking out (Tropical Mum) Shelly’s synthesizer sounds and the “dance” tag sticking in my head I thought I’d go with these two tunes.

First up is  a new old favourite. I’ve been fascinated by Medieval Music since I first heard it in one of my first music classes in high school (many years ago!) I’m about to start playing with a group based here in Brisbane, so I’ve been given some tracks to listen to.  This one is called Les Buffons. Ok so it’s not exactly everyone’s cup of tea, but it would have been on the dance charts in France in the 1500’s 🙂

Finally I thought I’d throw this one in. I LOVE LOVE LOVE India Arie’s voice and lyrics. I’m also a big fan of Sergio Mendes…I cannot keep still when I hear samba. For the first half of 2010 I had heaps of fun playing with a fantastic samba group in Perth, called Beleza.  Back to the song… it’s from 2006 so I can just sneak it in as a “new song.”

So which tunes have gotten your feet moving recently?

Getting my groove back


Well, it’s been an interesting ride moving to the this side of the country. In many ways it might as well have been the other side of the world, though actually that would have been great because it would have meant being close to my sister in London! Anyways, I’ve written a bit about it here on the MOPS Australia blog .

We’ve been here in Brisvegas for ten months, seven of which I’ve been attempting to blog.  I had the privilege to hang out with some bloggers in real life over the weekend. Check out these posts about it by the lovely (blogger event organiser extraordinaire) Danielle  and the bubbly Melissa  🙂

Feeling like I’ve experienced some of the lowest lows that I’ve ever felt recently, I’ve come to the realisation that I need to get more music (that I ENJOY, not just kids stuff) back into my life. As well as getting back into playing in the coming months I thought it would be good to go through our ridiculously large extensive cd collection. I think I’ll call it reDISCovering (pun intended :)). Yeah I know, some of you are thinking  “why don’t you just use I-tunes?” Well, part of the music listening experience for me is admiring the accompanying artwork, even if it is just a photo of the artist.

So while I’m wanting to reDISCover some old favourites, I’m hoping to find DISCover some new ones as well. (Ok, so perhaps I will have to make some use of the I-tunes Genius suggestions.) Want to join me on some auditory adventures?

Oh, and any ideas as to what might create some ecstasy for the ears are most welcome.

The Tyranny of Distance


I thought I’d join in with Write on Wednesday again this week. Yes I know it’s Friday, but as I’ve mentioned before Gill over at inkpaperpen has been very generous with the deadline 🙂 Anyway, here’s this week’s task…

Log onto your Facebook/Twitter page and write down the first status update you see.  Set a timer for 5 minutes. Write the first words that come into your head after your prompt.

6 Days in Oz. There and back to see how far away it is.

The joy of seeing friends and family. The pain of travelling so far for so little time. Memories come flooding back of time with those I love. If only Australia wasn’t so far away. This island that is full of beauty and wonder, but seems to treasure it’s sports icons more than it’s artists. Until a shift happens, arty creatures like me will be staying permanently in other parts of the world in their droves. The tyranny of distance. What to do when serious issues crop up with the ones I really love that I’ve left behind? For now I’m happy to jet-set around, playing where I am asked to play. Music from long so ago doesn’t really appeal to that many people here on this island. Too much sun and waves to enjoy things inside. Great for those with little ones. I wonder when I’ll be back again. Hope that I’ll be able to stay for longer next time. The pace of life is slower, at least in my home city, but the closeness of so many different cultures also beckons me.

100 things with Princess


Well it was back to school last week, and the first day back was Day 100. On most days the Year 1 teacher gets the kids to write in a journal and she thought it would be a good opportunity to celebrate. So, we parents were asked to help the kids think of ways to commemorate the day during the holidays. I must admit initially I was a bit stressed about it, but we eventually decided to record 100 things we did on the holidays. Princess and I decided that they didn’t have to be fun things necessarily, in order to reach our target, but we could have easily surpassed it.

We had fun remembering what we did, and it gave me some time with Princess at the end of each day, when Miss Chatty was already asleep, and Lego Boy was playing chess with Wonderful Husband.

We also had a fantastic time taking photos for it, and it was a fun way to keep her literacy skills active over the school holidays. While I did most of the typing, I tried not to influence how she wanted to express herself (too much). She’s really enjoying reading, and it looks like she’ll be turning into a bookworm too 🙂

The way that we decided to go about it was to put ten things on a page, and include a photo accompanying each page. Princess also decided to stick in some tickets and other bits and pieces. A scrapbooker-in-the-making perhaps?

So, here are some highlights…

On the holidays I…

1…slept in!

13…saw some goats, including a baby goat that tried to eat me, because he has four teeth.

30…ate a picnic lunch with Papa at Anzac Square.

44…went to Disney on Ice.

81…walked around Sandgate with mummy, Lego Boy and Miss Chatty.

100…made up a list of 100 things that I did on the holidays for school.

What are some things that you like to do on the school holidays?

By the way, I can thoroughly recommend 100 School Holiday Activity Ideas by Kelly over at Be A Fun Mum if you ever need some inspiration.

Out of reach


Write On Wednesdays

After a few weeks not being able to join in on W.o.W. here I am, though I’m a few days late. Tsk, tsk! (Thanks to the lovely Gill over at inkpaperpen for extending the deadline especially with it being school holidays!)

We’ve been treated to a masterclass with the wonderful writer Allison Tait and her interesting choice of prompt for this week’s five minute writing exercise. I was fascinated to learn that romance covers more genres that what I had originally thought, among other things. After all, I’m here to learn, aren’t I?

This piece is clearly influenced by snippets of shows that have three, maybe four letters to their name, or interesting sounds that announce a cut to the next scene. Cue long coats, mobile phones and dark sunglasses.

“I can’t stress how important it is that we behead this fiend.”

“He’s done it again!” she yelled in response to her boss who was running on to the next crime scene. She wanted to punch something, but this was obviously not the place, so she managed to stop her arm mid-air. Those drums will get a good bashing tonight if anyone lets me near them, she thought.

“He’s left all these cryptic clues that my brain can’t handle at this time of the morning without a double espresso.” That was the queue for one of her accompanying officers to rush down the street. “This guy is clearly a hundred steps ahead of me, and I’ve made such wonderful plans to escape this weekend.”

The poor detective stood with her head in her hands, praying that the mysterious puzzle of letters and numbers left as clues would begin to jump out at her. On first glance it seemed that nothing around the apartment was out-of-place.

Sitting in the stairwell, coffee in hand she took out her notepad and started writing, willing the strokes on the paper to form some kind of logic. The weekend that she had planned was now slipping further out of her reach.