Sunday Session – Dance


Well, as I shared in Getting my groove back, I’m wanting to rediscover some old sounds and discover some new ones. Thanks to the inspiring Michelle Dennis Evans, I found that her sister Thea (who asks Do I really wanna blog?) has pretty much the same plans, so I thought I’d play along with her and meet some new online friends 🙂

After checking out (Tropical Mum) Shelly’s synthesizer sounds and the “dance” tag sticking in my head I thought I’d go with these two tunes.

First up is  a new old favourite. I’ve been fascinated by Medieval Music since I first heard it in one of my first music classes in high school (many years ago!) I’m about to start playing with a group based here in Brisbane, so I’ve been given some tracks to listen to.  This one is called Les Buffons. Ok so it’s not exactly everyone’s cup of tea, but it would have been on the dance charts in France in the 1500’s 🙂

Finally I thought I’d throw this one in. I LOVE LOVE LOVE India Arie’s voice and lyrics. I’m also a big fan of Sergio Mendes…I cannot keep still when I hear samba. For the first half of 2010 I had heaps of fun playing with a fantastic samba group in Perth, called Beleza.  Back to the song… it’s from 2006 so I can just sneak it in as a “new song.”

So which tunes have gotten your feet moving recently?


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  1. Oh!!! I love this Sunday Session!
    I remember teaching a unit on medieval history and loving the music so I thought the song you chose was amazing!
    And I hadn’t heard the India Arie song….loved it too.
    So glad you joined in, thanks so much for linking! 🙂

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