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Sunday Session – B


I know that Thea has said that there are no rules, but I think some kind of focus for me is a good thing. Somehow B seemed  appropriate. You’ll get my drift before the end of it.

I’ve just started playing with a reggae band, so I’ve been listening to the tunes of this amazing musician for inspiration. After all, Bob Marley IS REGGAE, right?

Bob Marley – Them Belly Full

Over the weekend I listened to Beethoven’s Symphony No.9 (his last) played by the Australian World Orchestra. This amazing orchestra is made up of professional Australian musicians, all of whom travelled from around the world, and around Australia, to take part.  The broadcast on ABC Classic FM was almost as good as being at the Sydney Opera House 😉 It’s such an uplifting piece of music, and quite something to see it performed live. What beats it? Actually performing it as part of the orchestra or choir. Enjoy this performance (0ver two videos) by the NAFA Orchestra from Singapore.

Beethoven – Symphony No.9, 4th movement (in 2 parts).

I was introduced to Beady Belle a few years ago by some friends at our church in Perth. This particular tune is good late-night-winding-down music. So sit back, relax, and enjoy it, if you’re in that kind of mood.

Beady Belle – Closer

What have you been listening to lately? Feel free to share it with us over at Thea’s blog.

Cherish Your Cherubs – In the Now


When I came across Naomi’s six-week Cherish Your Cherubs project, I got excited and wanted to be a part of it! I have sooo many photos of mine that all I needed to do was write some reflections down. For this first week, Naomi has asked us to Record whatever comes to mind about our loved ones.


Romantic. Intelligent. Funny.

Fantastic Father. Amazing Husband.

Self-confessed Coffee-Geek.

Gifted Communicator (except for those Dad jokes ;))

Enjoys cycling and country driving.

Loves listening to music, playing bass guitar and dark chocolate.


Inquisitive. On or off.  Early riser.

Fan of Lego and Star Wars Clone Wars.

Loves sport, piano, chess.

Enjoys reading non-fiction, adventure and bad joke books 😉

Has the knack of turning most things into Maths problems.


Girly-girl. Loves reading. Petite.

Thoughtful. Caring. Knows when Mama needs a big hug. Softly spoken, except when, like… EXCITED!


Has some wobbly teeth.

Misses the family in Perth.

Enjoys helping in the kitchen.

Loves to sing, dance and make things.


Comedic timing. Handful of curls after her Papa.

Very sociable. Loves giving huggles.

Determined. Ready for Kindy.

Can squeal with the best of them.

Chubby cheeks. Loves Bear-Bear.

Loves to dance and make up her own songs.

Loves eating “Roly-Poly” (Nashi) Pears.

So what comes to mind about your loved ones right now? Care to share the love with all the other beautiful families joining in here? I sure hope so!

Sunday Session – Hubby’s Birthday Edition


Last week was a significant birthday for WH (Wonderful Husband) so it got me thinking about some of his fave music. As it turns out Thea handed the reins over to her Hubba this time round…not quite snap, but almost! It was hard to keep to two tracks, so I chose five, and still it was hard. Here we go…

Thought it would be good to get two-for-the-price-of-one here…nice to have Neil Finn joining in with Paul Kelly. WH is also a big cricket fan, so this song is very appropriate. I guess it’s actually like getting four runs, isn’t it?

WH played in a blues band before I met him. This tune features three of his all-time faves BB King, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan…in the same room.

WH met this guy through a bass players forum while we were living in Europe, and we had the pleasure of meeting him in Frankfurt. Norm is a great guy, with a beautiful family, and as you’ll find in this video, an extremely talented bass player. The title of his cd is pretty cool too…”Pondering the Sushi”.Take it away Norm!

We’ve been fortunate to have caught Niels Henning Orsted-Pedersen live on both sides of the world. With his own group (including guitarist Ulf Wakenius, who is also featured here) at the Festival of Perth many years ago , and with pianist Mulgrew Miller at the North Sea Jazz Festival when it was in Den Haag, not as many years ago. Such sweet sounds that they get out of their instruments in this tune. Shame that Niels no longer with us.

This track reminds me of cruising around The Netherlands on weekends. WH must have listened to it a lot when he had to drive to work, because he learnt the words to all the tracks on the cd fairly quickly. This guy from Steely Dan sure has a way with chords and words!

This is someone that WH has been listening to lately. Thanks for introducing me to her Bub!

What’s been exciting your ears lately? Want to share it? Check out what others have been listening to over at Thea’s Sunday Session.

Sunday session – Inspired


YAY! It’s time for another (belated) Sunday Session with Thea 🙂

I’ve just been away on an inspiring weekend…with other mums like me from all over Queensland. The organisation that we’re all a part of is called MOPS, and it is an organisation that encourages me to be the best “me” that I can be, with all the different hats that a mother has to wear! If you want to find out more, head on over to the website…

I was very fortunate to be part of the music team that played for the weekend, so the music from the weekend is still playing in my head. Despite having practically no voice, the lovely Cath ( did a great job leading out team (among other things) as best as she could, and I met some new friends. When I first heard this song a few years back I was in tears, and playing it over the weekend has been a great encouragement for me. I love Brooke Fraser‘s music and lyrics.

While away I found out that Alison, our amazing keyboard player, will also be playing in a concert with me in a few weeks. We’ll be playing with the Queensland Philanthropic Orchestra. It’s a great way to combine our professional experiences with music, and supporting a good cause. One of the pieces on the programme is Leonard Bernstein’s “Symphonic Dances from Westside Story”, which I have fond memories playing at my very first National Music Camp. Enjoy the choreography in this snippet from the Westside Story movie…

So what have you been listening to this week? Feel free to link up with Thea if you’d like to share it with us 🙂

Sunday Session – Karaoke


So, this week’s Tuesday…I mean Sunday Session hosted by (my new URL friend) Thea, is based around singing along to your favourite ditties. Must admit that I’ve only been karaoke singing once and I can’t remember what we actually sang it was THAT LONG AGO!  So, I’m going to go with the last two concerts that I’ve been to, with hubby, which were both interactive. Thankfully we don’t have to stick to the rules. Thanks Thea!

In February we had a fantastic time seeing Sting with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Riverstage here in Brisbane Thanks to our next door neighbour for looking after the kids. He got us to sing the chorus to this well known song of his…

Then, just last weekend I treated my husband to an early birthday present. (Thanks to our neighbours up the road for looking after our kids this time round!) We’ve loved The Idea of North for a while, and this is the first time that we’ve caught them live. And, the Powerhouse… what a great venue!  But I guess all the Brisbanites would know that already. Anyways,  TION got us singing their harmonies towards the end of their version of the Stevie Wonder classic “Isn’t She Lovely”. Someone had tweeted that they would gladly put “backing singer for The Idea of North” on their resume after the experience 🙂

They’re a talented bunch don’t you think? Check out their shiny new website if you want to find out more about them, including details of the current tour to launch their new cd “Extraordinary Tale”.

So, which tunes have you been singing along to recently?