Sunday Session – Lego Boy’s Birthday Edition


Last Friday was Lego Boy’s 9th birthday. Our eldest, our one and only boy…OUR BABY boy is 9! I know it’s a cliché, but I keep asking myself, “Where has the time gone?”

Here are two tunes that he absolutely LOVES!

First up, the amazing Stevie Wonder. You can’t keep still to this tune can you? How about that catchy brass lick? Just humming it can change the way you’re feeling. Not to mention giving you a quick lesson in jazz history. Take it away Stevie!

Finally, whichever mood Lego Boy is in, he perks up when he hears this tune, and happily sings along.

Want to share some tunes that are significant to you? Feel free to link up with us over at Thea’s blog.

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  1. Oh Alice,

    You sure got me thinking! It was my girls’ birthday this week… 4… and my musical gift to them in that time… well, frankly, three letters… ABC… yup, they get excited when they hear the theme for Playschool, or Bananas in Pyjamas… but to my credit, they know all the nursery ryhmes… and they do love Colin Buchanan… maybe it is time I crank out some of my old CDs… and maybe it is time I took some music ed from you! Thanks, grace

    • Thanks Thea…it’s continuing because he’ll be receiving a gift from his cousins when we’re back in Perth briefly next week. I’m so glad that I found your linkup/bloghop when I did, thanks to your lovely sister 🙂

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