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Sunday Session – Cheeseburger and Samulnori


This week I have two totally unrelated pieces of music, just because!

During last week I was in the car with the kids A LOT! Whenever this song came up on the cd all four of us sang our hearts out. We all had a blast, and it was much nicer than having the kids squabbling with each other!

His Cheeseburger – Veggie Tales

Finally, on the weekend I played with an orchestra which played some traditional Korean music, and Western classical music. One of the pieces was the orchestral piece featured in Sunday Session – B. Another involved a quartet (four players, just in case you’re wondering) of traditional percussion instruments, also known as Samulnori, much like this group here. In English Samul means “four objects”, and nori means “play”. Thanks Mr. Wikipedia! The name of the wind instrument is a “taepyongso”. Such a distinctive sound, don’t you think?

Traditional Korean music

So what’s been making you sing your heart out, or ringing in your ears lately? Feel free to link up with us over at Thea’s blog.

Sunday Session – Lego Boy’s Birthday Edition


Last Friday was Lego Boy’s 9th birthday. Our eldest, our one and only boy…OUR BABY boy is 9! I know it’s a cliché, but I keep asking myself, “Where has the time gone?”

Here are two tunes that he absolutely LOVES!

First up, the amazing Stevie Wonder. You can’t keep still to this tune can you? How about that catchy brass lick? Just humming it can change the way you’re feeling. Not to mention giving you a quick lesson in jazz history. Take it away Stevie!

Finally, whichever mood Lego Boy is in, he perks up when he hears this tune, and happily sings along.

Want to share some tunes that are significant to you? Feel free to link up with us over at Thea’s blog.

Cherish Your Cherubs – In the Now


When I came across Naomi’s six-week Cherish Your Cherubs project, I got excited and wanted to be a part of it! I have sooo many photos of mine that all I needed to do was write some reflections down. For this first week, Naomi has asked us to Record whatever comes to mind about our loved ones.


Romantic. Intelligent. Funny.

Fantastic Father. Amazing Husband.

Self-confessed Coffee-Geek.

Gifted Communicator (except for those Dad jokes ;))

Enjoys cycling and country driving.

Loves listening to music, playing bass guitar and dark chocolate.


Inquisitive. On or off.  Early riser.

Fan of Lego and Star Wars Clone Wars.

Loves sport, piano, chess.

Enjoys reading non-fiction, adventure and bad joke books 😉

Has the knack of turning most things into Maths problems.


Girly-girl. Loves reading. Petite.

Thoughtful. Caring. Knows when Mama needs a big hug. Softly spoken, except when, like… EXCITED!


Has some wobbly teeth.

Misses the family in Perth.

Enjoys helping in the kitchen.

Loves to sing, dance and make things.


Comedic timing. Handful of curls after her Papa.

Very sociable. Loves giving huggles.

Determined. Ready for Kindy.

Can squeal with the best of them.

Chubby cheeks. Loves Bear-Bear.

Loves to dance and make up her own songs.

Loves eating “Roly-Poly” (Nashi) Pears.

So what comes to mind about your loved ones right now? Care to share the love with all the other beautiful families joining in here? I sure hope so!

100 things with Princess


Well it was back to school last week, and the first day back was Day 100. On most days the Year 1 teacher gets the kids to write in a journal and she thought it would be a good opportunity to celebrate. So, we parents were asked to help the kids think of ways to commemorate the day during the holidays. I must admit initially I was a bit stressed about it, but we eventually decided to record 100 things we did on the holidays. Princess and I decided that they didn’t have to be fun things necessarily, in order to reach our target, but we could have easily surpassed it.

We had fun remembering what we did, and it gave me some time with Princess at the end of each day, when Miss Chatty was already asleep, and Lego Boy was playing chess with Wonderful Husband.

We also had a fantastic time taking photos for it, and it was a fun way to keep her literacy skills active over the school holidays. While I did most of the typing, I tried not to influence how she wanted to express herself (too much). She’s really enjoying reading, and it looks like she’ll be turning into a bookworm too 🙂

The way that we decided to go about it was to put ten things on a page, and include a photo accompanying each page. Princess also decided to stick in some tickets and other bits and pieces. A scrapbooker-in-the-making perhaps?

So, here are some highlights…

On the holidays I…

1…slept in!

13…saw some goats, including a baby goat that tried to eat me, because he has four teeth.

30…ate a picnic lunch with Papa at Anzac Square.

44…went to Disney on Ice.

81…walked around Sandgate with mummy, Lego Boy and Miss Chatty.

100…made up a list of 100 things that I did on the holidays for school.

What are some things that you like to do on the school holidays?

By the way, I can thoroughly recommend 100 School Holiday Activity Ideas by Kelly over at Be A Fun Mum if you ever need some inspiration.

My first movie date with Lego Boy


Almost four years ago a very excited four-year-old and I went on our first movie date, and guess what the movie was?


I remember the day well. We both came out of the cinema with big smiles on our faces to greet Oma (my mum) and his (then) 4-month-old sister, Princess. Lego Boy was over-the-moon,  having watched his first movie on the big screen! What a bonus that it also happened to be about something that was, and remains dear to his heart…vehicles. Hey, “car” was one of the first words that he ever spoke! I loved the movie because of the message it was communicating to me…to take hold of where I’m at as I journey through life, much like Be A Fun Mum’s “Love the Moment challenge“.

How excited do you think we are about seeing the Cars 2 movie? Have a sneak peak…

A few months after we saw Cars, Lego Boy received the dvd  for Christmas, and played it almost daily, to the point of sprouting out bits of dialogue at various points of the day.

We love the music from the movie, and the cd gets played regularly when we’re roaming around in the car. With the dvd having been played over and over and in serious need of replacing, we were also very thankful that he received the Cars dvd again for a subsequent birthday.

So, thanks to the lovely people at nuffnang, you can get some tickets for your family by writing a blogpost, though you’d better get your engines seriously revved up, because you have until 5pm AEDST today!

Here’s what you need to do…

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Competition is open to Australian residents who are able to attend screenings within Australia.

Entries  close on 17/6/11 at 5pm.

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more details!

Now if you don’t believe me, race on over to this blogpost.

You can cruise along to see the Cars 2 movie in cinemas from June 23rd 🙂