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Grateful for technology


Many thanks to Maxabella loves for the encouragement to think about what “I’m grateful for”. Please check out her lovely blog.

This week I’m grateful for…technology.

While I was away it allowed me to keep in touch with the rest of my family. Regular text and picture messages to Wonderful Husband, to let him now that we were still alive on the other side of the world. A friend of my sister and bro-in-law also allowed Miss Chatty and I to make a few Skype calls (thanks Damon)…thanks to the free wi-fi (amongst many other wonderful non-technological things) at Pousada Santa Clara in Brazil (thanks Charles, Matias and Mark)!

This afternoon our neighbours came over to look at some holiday snaps (that were taken mainly on our DSLR), and it was a joy to see them on our TV screen (probably more for me than for them!)

We’ve also just had a lovely long conversation with my sister and brother-in-law, who live in London, on Skype. Such a wonderful thing to talk and see each other in real time…and to see the pear tree in their back garden. Blossoms are perched on branches that were bare only a few weeks ago, when we were there.

What are you grateful for?