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Cards, Fairies, Baking & Reading


Lego Boy has been unwell at home, so he’s had fun with some cards that my husband played with as a kid.

He even made up his own card game, called “Careful”…a version of Patience.

In the meantime I was “Kitchen Fairy” and Miss Chatty was “Sparkly Fairy”.

We just love the smell of  Anzac slice baking in our house…YUM! Wonder how long our double batch will last?

Princess enjoyed reading to her little sister and I…

…and we said hi to regular visitors to our backyard.

Under an umbrella – Love the Moment May 3


LTM May 3

This afternoon the girls and I had some fun “singing in the rain” while Lego Boy had the camera. Then when Princess and Lego Boy went back inside Miss Chatty (3) kicked off her shoes, sang and danced. She is the only one of our three kids with a kink in her hair, like her dad 🙂 Here she is wearing one of her favourite dresses, which she calls her “wainbow dwess”.

Something that made me smile


Recently I had  my very first “Monopoly Test” with my cricket mad 8-year-old son. Actually, it was his first Monopoly test as well. It lasted two days, and there were a few modifications to the rules, but we had a great time.

It was fun observing X’s approach to the game. He wasn’t worried or concerned  at being down to his last $5. (I worried for him.)  He took big risks, buying multiples of houses and hotels in a single turn, and had to mortgage out a few of his properties. At this point I was thinking, “Gosh, I hope that he never becomes a financial planner!”

So, who do you think won after our two- day epic (including breaks for meals and riding around the block when the weather was fine)?

My son.

When he saw that I was starting to go under he was happy to issue me with money to keep me alive in the game. I was touched by his decision to help me out, and when I asked him what he liked about the game he replied,” I just loved playing it with you Mama.”