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Candlelight – Love the Moment May 1


Recently it’s only been a rare moment that I’ve found myself without a camera. I guess I consider myself an “eternal tourist”. Since moving to Brisbane I’ve been inspired by many wonderful parenting bloggers to take hold of the simple things in life with my family. One of them has been Kelly, from Be A Fun Mum, who I actually stumbled upon through a friend in Perth via Facebook. Anyway, this is really more a record for myself…that it really is possible to find some “Love the Moment” moments amongst the chaos of a family with three kids.

Read all about Kelly’s Love the Moment Challenge here

LTM May 1

I love this candle! It looks different each time I see it, depending on the light, and the angle that I look at it. It was an engagement present many years ago. Quite fitting really, because Wonderful Husband and I will be celebrating 15 years of marriage this month!

Thanks for the inspiration Kelly!