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A week of moments to love


Well this week my husband had been home sick with bronchitis, thus, a single post for this week’s challenges. Time each day to take photos has been like therapy…more reason to be thankful for the opportunities to love the moment.

So what do you think of this collaborative effort with my girls? We had great fun putting this together. Princess showed me some different ways to draw fish, and Miss Chatty just had to have a starfish on the ocean floor. The different shades of blue (my favourite colour) reminded me of a visit to the Musee l’Orangerie in Paris to see some of Monet’s Water Lilies.

Miss Chatty, “Look Mama, that big cloud looks like a elephant!”

While hubby was reading a story to Lego Boy, and we were waiting for Princess to be dropped off after gymnastics, Miss Chatty and I played hide-and-seek. She was SO EXCITED when she found me!

Yum…jam and cream. Memories came back of neighbourhood gatherings as a kid, where I had the freedom to control how much jam and cream I placed on my pikelet. Of course, I would go back for another one, then another one…then just one more. Pfft that DEFINITELY DID NOT happen this time 😉

This image reminded me of Kelly’s under an umbrella photo on the Love the Moment collage for May. Miss Chatty had fun at an open day for a pre-school organisation here in Queensland called C & K. The organisation been highly recommended by various sources, so Miss Chatty is on the waiting list of a couple of centres in our area. One of the activities she really enjoyed was playing with this colourful parachute with a bunch of other kids. She especially loved hiding under it. The morning was also a lovely introduction to some of the things she’ll get to do in kindy. I can’t believe our baby starts kindy next year!

Not exactly chasing butterflies, but I love how Princess draws butterfly houses. This was on the front of a birthday card for a little friend. She’s definitely the most prolific artist of us all, producing at least one piece of art per day whether she’s at home or at school. Her art is often accompanied by these words…

 “Dear Mum and Dad, I love you.”

How blessed are we?