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15 Things I Love About You


Well, who’d have thunk it?

Here we are 15 years down the track!

We’ve been blessed with 3 beautiful children, travelled to 4 continents, and lived on different sides of the world.

I love that you…

cook on weekends

help me prioritise when I’ve lost the plot

know which cd to put on at any given moment

are a wonderful father to our kids

drink tea when you’re sick

are so patient with me

put up with my lack of organisation

encourage me in all situations

make the kids laugh with your Dad jokes

just listen

are able to settle the kids to bed better than I can

get up early despite not being a morning person

just do it when it needs to be done

stack the dishwasher so well

let me have the end of just about every chocolate bar that we share.

With you I’ve learnt to appreciate..

Before I met you I never bothered to try clothes on, and would just buy a big size because I knew it would fit!

  Remember the band playing this for us on our wedding night?

Here’s to many more years of us being us, as our life ebbs and flows…

I thank God for bringing you into my life!