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Six more moments to love





Lego Boy had fun putting this together. It uses fauna from the Wetlands not far from us, some clay and a popstick. Not bad considering that most of his creations these days are “Star Wars” inspired.

This would have to be one of our favourite places in Brisbane so far.

Collecting these, and looking at them from different angles was fun 🙂

The girls and I had a lovely chat while choosing and painting these. It was wonderful watching how they used the colours.

Dew drops sparkling in the sunshine.

On this particular night hubby was happy to put the kids to bed while I managed to have a night out with some ladies. It was a chilly night, so I wore this purple asymmetrical cardigan, which I scored at a sale about five years ago. Of course our two girls became especially clingy when they realised I was heading out. Perhaps I need to do it a bit more often?

Under an umbrella – Love the Moment May 3


LTM May 3

This afternoon the girls and I had some fun “singing in the rain” while Lego Boy had the camera. Then when Princess and Lego Boy went back inside Miss Chatty (3) kicked off her shoes, sang and danced. She is the only one of our three kids with a kink in her hair, like her dad 🙂 Here she is wearing one of her favourite dresses, which she calls her “wainbow dwess”.