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Watching my son play – Love the Moment May 4


LTM May 4

I had a ball (honestly, no pun intended) playing some one-on-one basketball with Lego Boy (8). Initially I stood there watching him, remembering his initial forays into dribbling almost two years ago, and how fluid he is with the ball now. He does things with such intensity and passion, whether it’s playing a game of handball with the boys next door, playing chess with Wonderful Husband or drawing a plan for the next Star Wars-inspired Lego spaceship. He’s a planner, while I am more an off-the-cuff person. We frustrate each other at times, because of this, but a joke, a good tickle hug and good chat helps us both put things into perspective.

This image also makes me realise that I need to set goals for myself to create opportunities to “love the moment”. I’m loving taking photos, and know that I’ll be a different person at the end of this month. My husband was the main photographer in our household until recently.

So, on this, Star Wars Day 2011 (in honour of Lego Boy) I will leave you with this, “May the fourth be with you!” (I can imagine him singing the Star Wars theme now :))