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100 things with Princess


Well it was back to school last week, and the first day back was Day 100. On most days the Year 1 teacher gets the kids to write in a journal and she thought it would be a good opportunity to celebrate. So, we parents were asked to help the kids think of ways to commemorate the day during the holidays. I must admit initially I was a bit stressed about it, but we eventually decided to record 100 things we did on the holidays. Princess and I decided that they didn’t have to be fun things necessarily, in order to reach our target, but we could have easily surpassed it.

We had fun remembering what we did, and it gave me some time with Princess at the end of each day, when Miss Chatty was already asleep, and Lego Boy was playing chess with Wonderful Husband.

We also had a fantastic time taking photos for it, and it was a fun way to keep her literacy skills active over the school holidays. While I did most of the typing, I tried not to influence how she wanted to express herself (too much). She’s really enjoying reading, and it looks like she’ll be turning into a bookworm too 🙂

The way that we decided to go about it was to put ten things on a page, and include a photo accompanying each page. Princess also decided to stick in some tickets and other bits and pieces. A scrapbooker-in-the-making perhaps?

So, here are some highlights…

On the holidays I…

1…slept in!

13…saw some goats, including a baby goat that tried to eat me, because he has four teeth.

30…ate a picnic lunch with Papa at Anzac Square.

44…went to Disney on Ice.

81…walked around Sandgate with mummy, Lego Boy and Miss Chatty.

100…made up a list of 100 things that I did on the holidays for school.

What are some things that you like to do on the school holidays?

By the way, I can thoroughly recommend 100 School Holiday Activity Ideas by Kelly over at Be A Fun Mum if you ever need some inspiration.